About us

Performance-based Marketing

Affilize is a digital firm, which specializes in generating impactful lead generating content. Working alongside our brands, our team will expertly tailor platforms, and concepts based on market data. Our goal is to consistently deliver a superior digital product, and develop new leads to grow your business.

Our team’s creativity and insight will open new channels and reimagine your current route to market.

Blending data analysis, media expertise, and creativity, we will drive growth, and produce measurable results for your company.

Christian Soelberg Due

Head of Affiliate
More and more companies are coming out of the darkness and realize that with affiliate marketing; All things are possible!

What if your company could utilize the brightest minds in the marketing business without having to pay for it? That’s what’s possible with affiliate marketing and when you tell boards that they can get unlimited growth and pay a fixed split they are sold on the idea.